India Through My Eyes – by Maurizio Dami

India Through My Eyes is Maurizio Dami’s new YouTube channel dedicated to South India. More than 30 short documentaries without commentary. Here is a short introduction by Maurizio Dami

I’ve been shooting videos during my short Winter trips to India since 2008. In 2015 I bought a better, more professional camera. These videos were shot from 2015 to 2019.
Riding on a bike across South India, mostly in rural areas, along less beaten roads but also in cities I would essentially film the reality of India surrounding me, as it was , without any bias or any intention of making a statement. But my great love and respect for Indian culture clearly appears in each one of these videos.
I had no scientific method in shooting, sometimes I even forgot to write the names of the locations I was shooting ; if anyone knows them better, please drop a comment, it’s most welcome.

The greatest wealth of India is its people. The people of India are the true protagonists of these videos and their author is a tourist with a camera, so familiar a character as to become invisible.

Although we are used to the slow pace of Indian progress, during these last 10 years the country made huge steps forward. The number of people living in poverty went from 500 millions to 250 millions, something that couldn’t be imagined before. Infrastructures also improved, including better roads, safer dwellings, mobiles all over the place and unfortunately much more traffic , the logical consequence of a little welfare. Therefore some of the earliest videos may look a bit outdated but not in their essence, especially in the countryside.

Indian people are still the same , or possibly even more varied : from young girls wearing jeans and going to clubs to rural women still carrying wood on their heads, including a multitude of different individuals each one with a different story but all of them …very Indian. It’s India through my eyes.